Starting the year on a beautiful note!

Started the new year exploring some parts of Ghana. Guys, there are really beautiful places out here. All you need is a travel buddy with a good sense of humor and you’re all set for a wonderful time.  So this year one of my favorite humans decided to do this with me. We explored some parts of the Eastern Region and ended it with a hike on the Shai Hills in the Greater Accra Region. It was incredibly fun! There were a lot of unplanned things on the trip which made it even more exciting.

Here are a couple of cool shots we took of all the places we visited. Hope it makes you wanna go out and explore Ghana some more. I’m already thinking of where next to visit!!

On the Volta Lake
We originally planned on going to Boti Falls, but the road was definitely not one to venture especially with the car we were driving in. 😦
At this point, we turned back and headed to the Adomi Bridge
Chanced upon this hidden getaway on our way to the Adomi Bridge … It is called the FLOAT. It’s a Bed and Breakfast. Pretty cool place!

Hammocks on the Lake

I might consider coming to the FLOAT on my next visit. Very quiet and serene.
Finally got a picture taken on the Adomi Bridge!! Last time i was here, i was probably a kid. lol
View from the bridge
Stepping into the new year like this….

Enjoyed lunch at the The Royal Senchi and took in the beautiful scenery.
The Dua Club House, Royal Senchi
Toured the Akosombo dam. More information for the tours can be found here
On the Dam
This is where power is generated in Ghana


We ended the trip by exploring the Shai Hills Resource Reserve.

Yes!! There are Zebra’s in Ghana!! Discovered these beauties at the Shai Hills Reserve

Hiked up to this point hoping to spot some antelopes
Really enjoyed the tour with this Guide! We spent close to 3 hours hiking
The Guide showing me some antelopes. I honestly couldn’t spot them. 😦
Spotted an antelope!
Baobab Tree

Entry point to one of the caves
In one of the caves
One of the entry points to the caves
Hello there…
My name is …. lol!
It’s been one of the best Road Trips! Totally enjoyed myself. If you plan on doing this, i’ll  totally advise on going there with an SUV!

Hope you are inspired to step out and explore Ghana some more!!

With Love

❤ ❤ ❤