A day trip to Aburi Gardens

The last time I visited the Aburi Botanical Gardens was when I was a teeny weeny tot. So the idea of visiting there again was pretty much exciting. It’s amazing how there are tons of beautiful spots in Ghana and yet we end up paying lots of money to travel and admire other sites. Sigh!

If you fancy picnics or just taking a stroll in a lush beautiful garden, the Aburi Botanical Gardens is the place to go. It’s also a beautiful spot for taking photos.

So on one fine Sunday, my friends and I drove to the Aburi gardens to hang out and explore the place. I took a lot of pictures!! We all did! lol. We left once our phone memories were full. Hahaha!

Aburi Gardens is about an hours drive from Accra. If you’re looking at running away from the heat in Accra, then that spot is the best location to be. The cool mountainous weather welcomes you once you arrive. In the gardens are big beautiful lawns planted with native and imported trees and plants.

If you haven’t yet visited the Aburi Botanical Gardens, then you totally should! These pictures don’t really do much justice.

With love