Netflix and Chill? Errm Maybe not!

Did someone say netflix and chill during quarantine? Yo! I got excited about this concept because at least I have an account (nah fam… only perching from someone’s account). Fellas, the real problem was data. ‘Data oh Data’!

Can anyone point me to a data provider in Ghana with high speed and low bills with which I can netflix and chill for a month. Or am I being unrealistic? I literally compiled all my favorite tv shows and sat there laughing so hard at myself since the 15gb of data purchased earlier in the month was exhausted after watching 10 episodes of Dynasty on Netflix. I think I am done Netflix and chilling for the whole year!

One thing I enjoy and miss during my travels outside Ghana especially to Europe is free internet! Yes no shame whatsoever… lol. Now that this option is closed, I have to find other ways of watching all my shows without emptying my account!

Sad to say but your girl ain’t netflixing and chilling no more. Will rather read all the books resting elegantly on my bookshelf.

I’m curious to know what shows you’ve been binge watching on Netflix though.

With love

<3 <3 <3