News Flash! I’m an Artist…Rona made me do it

Hey guys…Its been a while. How are yáll surviving this Covid-19 situation? Am I the only one who has gotten used to this quarantine lifestyle? Anyway, I am pretty sure a lot of you have found out you are capable of so many skills you didn’t know or you may have been forced to pick up these skills due to the lockdown.

I happen to fall in the category of those who have ignited new passions and also learnt a thing or two due to Aunty Rona. So when Rona hit and my government decreed a lockdown, I quickly contacted an art supplier and got a couple of art supplies that would last the duration of the lock down. I already had been gifted a set of canvas in December so I was all set. Hmmm.. who knew they’d come in handy!

So I started painting during the weekends and on days that i’d feel determined or inspired to paint. Fun fact is that I studied Visual Arts in school and specialised in picture making so this was really nothing new. Another fun fact is that I have been a creative person since my youngins. It came as no surprise when I opted to study Visual Arts in School. My teachers were a bit disappointed with that choice since those kind of courses were not appreciated in those days. My Dad (bless his soul) was excited that I was going to study that as he knew what I was capable of. Lets just say on his numerous trips abroad, he’d always get me paint brushes and water colors. That “dude” knew me! Damn! ( of course Christy! He was your Dad! lol).

Anyway I digress, so I begun painting again. The first couple of paintings were not so bad. I think I am better now. Below are a couple of works I have done which I must say I am very proud of. I started off by watching some youtube tutorials then painting from my imagination and from pictures that I loved.

Follow my art page on instagram to see more art pieces from me. @artandfoodgeek

So what do you think? If you have started painting, do let me know how it is going. Are you having fun with it? Remember, the most important thing is to have fun with it. Same thing applies to any hobby you have discovered.  Don’t beat yourself when it’s not coming out as great as you want it to. lol. You can always try again. The most important thing is that you are happy doing what you love!

Aside painting on canvas, I also painted my bedroom! Yes, Rona made me do it! It took me 2 days. I laid in bed for a whole day because my legs disowned me. lol! Mehn! My hat off to the professional painters out there. Ohh.. I also turned into a Chef! Thanks to instagram and youtube I am able to whip up food I’d usually buy out. lol! I have also started a vegetable garden. Hoping to harvest my first produce by August/September. Guys!!! Rona got us being Jack of all Trades. Lol!

What have you discovered you can do these past few months? I’d love to know. 🙂

With love Always

❤ ❤ ❤


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