Home Gardening- Rona made me take it to another level!

Yikes (I don’t know if yikes is a better word for something you are excited to do) Guys, I am now a full time plant mama!! hahah. I am into vegetable gardening now! I started this earlier in the year but got consumed with work and it fell alongside the way. But thanks to Rona, I work from home now and able to spend more time in my little garden. I love the concept of growing what you eat. It is sexy and healthy. Yup Food is my love language wink wink.

I recently saw a couple of pallet designs on pinterest and my oh my I fell in love with those and knew instantly that they belonged to my home to complement my sorry garden. I dreamt of days when I harvest my carrots and spring onions a.k.a Scallions (they sound more sexy innit? lol). It looks like that is about to be a reality. So I am currently growing tomatoes, garden eggs, peppers, bell peppers, carrots, spring onions, cocoyam (spot the Kontomire) and Plantain. I am so excited y’all!

I will update you in a couple of months to show you the progress we are making. Yipeee. My mom has even begun taking this serious. It is refreshing to know that I can positively influence her to revive her old hobby.

Do you also have a garden? Or a farm? Pleaseeee share realistic tips with me okay. The internet has so many things to say that gets confusing at times. Lol.

With love

<3 <3 <3