Working From Home

Working from home. Gosh! I loved that term when I started working. I thought it was a “boujee” thing to say you know… “Oh no, I’m not coming in tomorrow. I will be working from home“, “Oh hey… I’m working from home today cos I don’t feel like driving to work“… and soo many excuses I’d give just so I could work from home. lol! Now I am officially fed up! Yo I am DONE!! When is outside gonna open again? I miss my office and strangely, the traffic I sit in on my way back. lol!

How are you all coping with this? For those working from home, are you at the point where you have worked in almost every space in your house? The only place left for me is my bathroom! Thankfully I had a home office desk built about 2 years ago in my bedroom. That is where I most often work from. One thing that keeps me disciplined each time is making my bed each time I wake up. Once my bed is made, there is no way I will get back on no matter how tempting it may look.

My little home office space in my bedroom. (Pinterest inspired the concept)
Another thing that has helped me is making a to-do list everyday and also regularly chatting with my team members. It makes me sane! Gosh sometimes I feel so alone. Thankful for friends and family who I can quickly hit up during moments like this.

I jokingly applied make-up and dressed up one morning as if to go to work, lol, but ended up wiping it off cos Sis! the heat was unbearable. Yes I don’t own an A/C in my room. Lmao! Who sent me? haha. I am even beginning to wonder whether my earring hole won’t be blocked by the time outside opens since I don’t even bother to wear earrings now.

Oh my gosh, who else has been wondering how they’re going to fit into their clothes when outside opens and life gets back to normal (will it ever?). I tried on a skirt and excitedly folded it back into my wardrobe quickly!! Wondering why I said excitedly? Fam!! I have been wanting to put on a few kilos! Rona is making that possible and I am excited to say the least. But how on earth am I going to fit back into my clothes if I don’t slow down with this impulsive eating. Yikes!

Working from home now has become the new normal. I guess I just have to really get used to it and psych myself for it as well. Anyone got any tips on how they are surviving this? I will be waiting and watching this space for y’all to share your survival tips with me. Who knows I may adopt some of them and get you some feedback.

With love

❤ ❤ ❤


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