Are you taking care of YOURSELF?

7 thoughts on “Are you taking care of YOURSELF?”

  1. I understand the grief over you dad’s passing, i still cry when i remember my mum telling me to do something special for her on the last mother’s day before she passed. I shared my plans with her which she rejcted, i should have sat with her and aaked what she really wanted. Barely a month later she passed. The guilt and pain alone is enough but i doubt anyone has ever made peace with a loved ones passing but they all learn to live with it. So cheer up we’ve got you.

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    1. Thanks Sali! I guess for me it’s still not accepting the fact that he’s gone! He was a wonderful dad! He should have lived a longer life. Why do good people go too soon? Soo many questions. At least it’s comforting to know that he’s in no more pain and in a better place. Thanks for reading! ❤️. This came from the heart!


  2. Share your awesomeness Sister 🙌😄
    This write speaks to me a lot. I have not taken care of myself for almost two years…always lied to myself that when I make that dough everything will be fine. Now one of my prime projects is taking shape beautifully but the last time I saw the work I realized I was not happy like expected.
    I put so much pressure on myself I don’t get to enjoy the fruits of my labour but now I am making time to take care of myself….
    God grant us peace and my the soul of your Dad and Kwadwo rest in peace.

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