Sunset Resort

Hotel Sokhamon also known as the Sunset Resort located in Dakar Senegal is one of the hotels that got me from Wow to Damn! It has got this naturalesque yet eerie vibe to it. No doubt it has the most amazing sunsets! Ah-Mazing!!! If you know me, you will know that I love SUNSETS!! Here are some beautiful shots I took with my iPhone X last year on a trip to Dakar.

Waking up to this view for 3 straight days was paradise in itself. Watching the sunrise and catching the sunsets was just magical.
My room at the Sokhamon Hotel. Everything in here has this vibe of Sea and Earth intertwined in the aesthetics. I told a friend that night whilst on my bed that it felt as if I was sleeping under the sea. lol! With the sound of the sea waves clashing and the eerie ceiling design. I kid you not, I got a bit scared. hahaha!



Morning Sunrise… the birds chirping and the sea waves clashing are literally therapeutic!
Only negative about this place is that they don’t have a lot of variety for their breakfast menu. This was me on all 3 days. The view made up for it though.

I fell in love with the ambiance of the sitting area (there must be a name for this!) and the whole aesthetic flavor of the hotel in general. I mean look at this!!!

In tune with nature. Look at the nest chairs. You can even see and hear birds flying and chirping away in this space.



It is soo Artsy in here!




So colorful and beautiful!
Look at those ceilings!


Catching Sunsets and not feelings. lol


Heard about the “Monument de la Renaissance Africaine” and decided to check it out.
Beautiful Monument. Also said to be the tallest statue in Africa. It is a 49 meter tall bronze statue located on top of one of the twin hills known as Collines des Mamelles, outside Dakar, Senegal. Built overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Have you been to the Sokhamon Hotel before or heard about it? What were your impressions?

Hope you enjoyed the photos. If you’re planning a trip to Dakar anytime soon, make sure you polish up on your French! I had some really interesting moments whilst there but thanks to Google translate, I got through. lol!

With Love

❤ ❤ ❤


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