Appreciate the beauty around you! Look up!

Sometimes, we need to take our eyes off our gadgets and appreciate the beauty around us. I get a bit worried when I notice that people have their eyes glued to their phones or to their electronic gadgets. We have become walking Zombies. You might miss out on an opportunity right in front of you! Hey! that’s the truth!

You may even miss that partner you have been praying to the universe for! God’s gonna be like, I put him/her right in front of you Fam! You missed it!

Can we just get our eyes off our screens for a bit and simply admire what’s above or around us?  We take a lot of things for granted!

Today, if you happen to be reading this post, spare a few minutes to look outside, appreciate Gods amazing job. Look at the clouds (For God’s sake not the Sun!!!),  Stare at the trees, look at your fellow human beings ( Ok.. that can be creepy! Don’t stare for too long!). Smile at someone! Just appreciate the fact that this comes to you freely! 

Ok… you do get the point. lol.

Enjoy these random shots I took whilst on a trip to Cape Coast. I’m so dramatic! I know. You will get used to me soon. 

Along the coast line of the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Coast
An old building. Check out the cannons
Fishermen mending their nets
Beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Building on the right is the Cape Coast Castle.
John Attah Mills Public Library. Cape Coast
An old building that caught my eye
On our drive back home, we spotted this old Forte.

Ghana is not just beautiful! It’s simply stunning! Explore Ghana! 

With love


❤ ❤ ❤

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6 thoughts on “Appreciate the beauty around you! Look up!”

  1. Amazing post and the pictures just breathtaking 😍
    Take me along on one of your trips wai 😁
    And please come to Berekuso for a visit 😉

    Liked by 1 person


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