My fascination for beautiful spaces

I’m a huuuge fan of minimalist spaces. Neutral colors, airy spaces, simple furnishings, basically nothing excessive or flamboyant. Anyone who knows me can attest to this. I’m a sucker for lit up spaces! I absolutely think minimalist spaces will rule the world. I have seen this style trending lately in hotels, cafes, and even in some homes.

Interior design was a profession I wanted to go into. Well… I can if i want to right? It’s never too late to start something new. I just get soo fascinated by beautiful minimalist spaces.

Hey who checks out the bathrooms (well I mean the loos) of homes or hotels or general spaces? I’m soo guilty of this (I still do this!). At some point, my mom noticed this whenever we went out. She didn’t understand what it was! I was that kid who would just go stare at the sink or the mirrors. Lol!

Growing up, I’d read magazines and flip to the home section. That was the only section I was interested in (Ok.. I just lied. there was also an interest in fashion, food and gossip) . I can remember the number of times I had an influence on the arrangement of furniture in our living room or even in the choice of color of paint for my parents house. When I was much younger, I’d sometimes move things around and come back from school with a look of disappointment because my mom or siblings had put things back in the boring order in which they were in.

From then on I’d pray silently to God to get my siblings married off quickly so I could transform the house to my style. Lol!

Prayers got answered but my mother had her own style (traditional) and since it wasn’t my house I had to respect that and live with it. Lets just say I managed to have my way and changed the position of certain things or got rid of it completely.

At least my room gives me joy whenever I look at it. By the way, it’s a never ending project because I keep on adding stuff and switching things up a bit. Still working hard to get that Minimalist Pinterest inspired bathroom. Let’s just say I have a soft spot for my room. Periodt! My mom laughs at me all the time when she notices there has been a switch up. She tells me,  “I hope you carry your room along when you get married“. Mothers!

Guys! I cannot wait to own my space!

When I spot a beautiful interior, I instantly become a tourist. Here are some of my favs!

The Palms, Prampram, Ghana


Peduase Valley Resort, Aburi, Ghana
Peduase Valley Resort, Aburi, Ghana
Novotel Hotel, Manchester, UK
Novotel Hotel, Manchester, UK

Which kind of spaces are you drawn to? Modern, Minimalist, Traditional or Rustic spaces?

Do you get inspired by the spaces around you? I’d love to know!!

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❤ ❤ ❤

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