Beautiful “Rainy” Manchester

Ever visited Manchester in the United Kingdom?! Gosh its such a beautiful sunny city (haha! You wish!). Manchester, also the second biggest city in England is known as “Rainy Manchester” but that shouldn’t deter you from visiting. Just have a brolly (umbrella) on you all the time. The buildings are a sight to see if you’re a weirdo like me who likes to stare at architectural pieces and takes delight in doing just that. It is also a Foodies haven as on every street, you’re bound to find something delish to try out!

Thanks to Google maps, finding your way through the city is not a difficult task! 

Here are my top 5 places I recommend you visit whenever you’re in the city. Good thing is you can do all 5 of them in just a day!

  1. Manchester Art Gallery for the Art Lovers is a must see and one of the first places i visited during my first trip to Manchester (literally got of the plane, dropped my bags and walked straight into it) It is in the city centre and is one of the best places to go for art and culture in the city.
  2. You have got to visit Old Trafford especially if you are a football fan or better still a Manchester United Fan!!! Unfortunately i missed out on the experience tour i paid for as i got my whole planning mixed up!! Check out the tours here and make a booking in advance. You will love it!! Im gutted i missed it.
  3. Manchester Chinatown is the second largest Chinatown in the UK. Chinatown is colourful and diverse, with some of the best ethnic restaurants in the city. For authentic Szechuan cuisine, try Red Chilli. Just google for directions. There are other restaurants that are equally good! Don’t forget to take a picture in-front of the large paifang arch as i did.
  4. Explore the Northern Quarter. Its a beautiful shopping haven with artsy streets. You will find lots of commercial art galleries dotted around the area. Perfect spot for picture lovers!
  5. Explore the Shopping Malls in the City Centre. There are lots of shops in the city centre to explore  and get lost in. Make sure you discipline yourself and buy ONLY what you need! Lol! I usually suck at this and try not to shop especially when I’m alone!

Have you been to Manchester? Got any places we need to check out?  Share away!! I’d love to know!!

Have a look at these shots i took during my stay in Manchester.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful “Rainy” Manchester”

    1. You can get a decent budget hotel for 40quid a night in the city centre where most of these places are just a walking distance. The only place you might need to pick a bus to is Old Trafford. But you can comfortably survive on about £200 for 3days (accommodation,transport and food). You’ll love it!!



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