Let’s Bake!

I have actively started baking. What I mean by that is I’ve decided to give my mom mini heart attacks when she hears unusual sounds from the kitchen. Lol!

Why did it take soo long for me to get here!? Baking is absolutely fun! I almost always forget all the 1001 problems I have. The only downside is being on your feet for long. But once you get a hang of it, you don’t even feel tired. Ok…maybe…just maybe someone is getting old. 😐

The first thing I decided to try my hands on was meat pies. Why did i do this? It looked pretty easy if you ask. I had also seen one of my fav spice queens, EssieSpice prepare it live on her Insta stories and damn, it looked both easy and cool. So yours truly decided to try her hands on it. My first attempt was a disaster. Hahah. It tasted like bread. My mom had a good laugh but I didn’t let that get to me. I made sure she ate it. Lol. Cos after all nothing goes to waste in her house. ☺ After a couple of attempts..i mastered it and the taste and texture was superbo!

I then decided to try my hands on something I thought was complicated. Lol. I’m a “throw me a challenge” kind of girl. Scratch that … I’m a “bake something exciting” kind of girl. Lol.

I had been to a friend’s house and as usual, the flair and simplicity of how she baked her brownies gave me the kick that I could even bake ’em and make them look more exciting. So I checked up Pinterest recipes on how to make brownies and gosh I got soo many recipes. That alone was the beginning of my problems. I spent about 2 hours glossing through recipes and telling myself I’d beat that…only to try the first brownie and dump them quietly into the bin outside my house for the unnecessary laughter and teasing that my mother would have rained on me. My next couple of attempts were encouraging. At least I could eat it and even share some with my colleagues at work to taste and give me their opinions.

Christys Epic Brownies

I’m happy to say I’ve progressed and might even start selling my awesome delicious brownies. You ain’t getting it for free this time. Lol. Even my mother will have to pay before enjoying. Hahaha

Give it a try. Baking is for everybody. Just get your measurements right. Check Youtube for tutorials or Pinterest. Experiment but make sure its edible.

What will you bake today?



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6 thoughts on “Let’s Bake!”

  1. Nice 😁.

    I remember some of your early meat pie trials or should I say rock buns 😂.
    But they tasted great 😋👍.

    I really want to be your genuine independent taster so when can I try some of your brownies and others.



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