Don’t be too quick to judge

I’ve had this message on my mind for a long time and have been debating on whether to put it up as a post for everyone because it doesn’t actually fall under any of my categories. However, whenever i get the inkling to do something I just do it. Who knows… this message may just be for you!

So we are all guilty when it comes to judging people. I am very much guilty of it. However I have come to realise that when people judge me, I get really offended and disappointed in them. Reason being that they may not know the whole story or the reason behind why I made certain decisions.

Now take this scenario for example. A friend recently bought a car. A really cool car and one morning on her way to work, just because she didn’t allow a trotro driver to bully her on the road, an insult came from the driver and surprisingly an elderly woman who was seated in the front of the vehicle… “ashawo (prostitute) it is not you,  you’ve got a sugar daddy who has foolishly given you his car” ouch! Now that hurt! I don’t know about you but had I been the lady, I think I would have said something totally nuts back at them! Ha!

Listen, let kind words come out of your mouth daily. If you can’t say something nice to someone then Shut Up! You do not know how hard someone has toiled to be where they are or to be having what they have. Do not be too quick to judge people! Oh this person is this and that…. really? I know envy causes people to act like that but please can we all try to desist from it? It’s hard I know…but try and be positive about people. Trust me…when you do that, you start attracting positive energy your way as well.

So please… Let’s not be too quick to judge people. You do not know what they have been through or what they are even going through. And those of you who think women can’t afford to buy their own cars or houses then you still live in the 80’s. Lol.

On that note I’ll be back to the usual programming.

Have a lovely week.

❤ ❤ ❤


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