You need some self love!

Hey there… I’m going to try and persuade  you to take a few minutes or a few hours or heck even a day to just give yourself some good ol self love! Yes You!I mean You! You work soo damn hard.  Always looking out for other people’s happiness. Always making sure that others are happy. Going that extra mile and along the line breaking down but quickly picking yourself up and continuing with that cycle. Hell you must be superman or wonder woman! In doing all this, do you ever consider yourself for just a minute?

Listen you need to take a break and give yourself some self love! The definition of self love according to the Collins dictionary (don’t check that of the Urban Dictionary!) is the instinct or tendency to seek one’s own well-being. 

So what are you waiting for? Your employer thinks you are a great employee because you never take a day off or when you go on leave you tend to check in on work. Your friends and family know they can count on you for certain asks… but deep down you know that its only taking more of the time you could have spent on yourself. Oh but darling why are you killing yourself?! Psychologically and emotionally you are harming yourself. I ain’t got the science to prove it but believe me you are. Have you ever gone on leave or a break and not ever thought about your job or the 1001 problems you have or could potentially have? Someone! please! can you live in the moment? The beautiful moment that passes by once you duck your head into your gadget, that beautiful phenomenon that passes without you seeing it because you were too busy looking up that Instagram photo on your phone. It’s gone… you can never witness it again. Shame on you!

Can you decide to travel without your laptop or decide to unplug off social media just for those two precious days that you may never get back? Believe me, you’ll not only enjoy the nature and ambience of where you decide to go but you’ll also get a total mind renewal that you will have no words to describe.

I guess what I’m driving at are these few nuggets:

  1. Take every moment and enjoy it like you’re never going to get it back.
  2. Care for yourself mentally and spiritually.
  3. YOU also need to be happy. There is nothing wrong with that.
  4. You only have one life…enjoy it whilst you’re alive.
  5. Once a while be selfish and think about yourself.

I may or may not have persuaded you to get some self love and always be in the moment. However, I hope I managed to get someone to rethink of how they are going to spend their break or vacation and to also love themselves some more.

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In this picture I took a solitude break at this beautiful escape in Kumasi, around Lake Bosomwti to be specific. It’s called The Green Ranch. I literally had the lake to myself! lol! I enjoyed the peace and quiet as well as the beautiful scenery. If you love horses, that’ll be a bonus! Its a horse ranch as well.

All the best!


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